Investor Lists - How To Find Angel Investors?

The phrase angel investor has gained so much popularity for the past several years. As for those who're still new to this word, angel investors may be a small company or a person who has a significant net worth and they're interested in investing in private firm which is currently in its early stages of development. New business owners are trying to look in for such type of investors who have the will to offer start up loan for kick starting the business. On the other hand, the main difference between normal investors and angel investors is that, the latter seems to expect high return on investment. Read more great facts on  list of accredited investors , click here.

How to find one if you may ask? Actually the rules are simple, just follow the points below:

Number 1. Close to your business place or home - you may start by searching for such investors who are close to your place of business. Even though this isn't a compulsory criterion, a person who is close to your business area could be wooed easily for pouring funds in your business.

Number 2. Friends and family - your first search for an angel investor must begin among your friends and family actually. Most of the time, people who are close to you are the ones who are more willing to make investments in your business but, if you don't approach them, they might hesitate to take on the first step. On the other hand, most critics are of the opinion that this isn't a great way to start your business. Pulling in friends and family in the business may potentially create wedge in your relationship, which can affect your business negatively. For more useful reference regarding  investor list , have a peek here. 

Number 3. Impressing the investors - you have to woo the angle investors and to do this, you have to design a business plan very carefully. It will be better as well if you can present with a working prototype of the company. Angel investors want to sell for themselves whether their investments can really give them good returns.

Number 4. Be a part of your company - to be able to prove yourself to the angel investor, you may allow them to be a part of the company. They can help in setting up your business and even impart valuable info and advice on how to run the venture. This is actually a great way of earning respect from them and also, help them to thoroughly understand that you're for real. Please view this site for further details.